Monday, March 8, 2010

Easy as 123

After the show, everything changes.
Becoming another world, becoming a different person, almost.
Change isn't necessarily a bad thing, change was needed.
Destroying the old you, it's a process.
Everyone goes through it.
For once in her life, she felt it.
Going and taking yet leaving and giving at the same time.
Happiness was in reach.
It was just beyond her fingertips.
Just close enough to wish for.
Keeping her promise to him, she tried.
Lying was an option but she was starting off new.
Making new decisions and entering this bliss.
Nothing to hold back.
Only forever to look at.
Possibilities vast and a smile just so near to becoming a reality.
Q & Brooklyn -- she'd get on this train.
Reliving the most painful part of her life would bring her closer to nirvana.
She wouldn't stop -- no turning back.
Train starts, mind runs.
Until her stop, she held the rail, picturing the sign.
Veins pulsing and heart pumping she remembered the cold of the barrel on her forehead.
Wishing it to be over, wanting it to stop if only just the memory.
X: that's what she'd call him, what she'd cover up the nightmare with.
Youth taken and adolescence destroyed but all its forgiven.
Zoning out, he took her hand, she drifted into that final happiness.

Listening to: Dion.