Saturday, April 10, 2010

These days are so ridiculous.
Hours spent wanting, days spent needing.
All the while you ignore your feelings.
Tuck them away and consider only instinct.

These days are so monotonous.
A minute passes.
Sixty seconds, the hum of a tune in your head.
You sing it louder, to drown out the thoughts you cant erase.

These days are so tiring.
You laugh and you smile.
You go through the routine,
day in and day out.
To show that you'll make it.

When really all you want is freedom.
Out of this city, out of this time.
Wishing it was just 2 years from now.
When you can hop on that plane
and fly into the neverending.

That place with nothing to hold you back
and no one to tie you down.