Sunday, May 23, 2010

Beauty is:

Beauty is the drop of a needle on a record.
The sense of belonging when I cross over the Golden Gate.
The glamour of a pin-up girl.
The jolt of sneaking into that extra movie.
It is the sophistication of red lipstick.
The possibilities in a thrift store.
The invitation of a tattoo into a soul.
The constant strive of culture.
Beauty is the crisp of a new book.
The inspiration of pen meeting paper.
The smell of vanilla: the smell of mom.
The ideas of bettering the world with change.
It is the perfect fit of a quote into a feeling.
The swell of my heart when I think of family.
The mystery of the mind.
The shutter of a camera's click.
Beauty is the stick of a word at the end of your tongue.
The wonder of why singing is always better in the shower.
The expression in creativity.
The hum to the tune you can't quite remember.
It is the subway rumbling under your feet.
The way a parent is always there for you.
The scribble of charcoal onto the pad.
The ache to get out and live.
Beauty is the reel of film turning into art.
The blurring of faces all meshing into one.
The contradiction of a conscience.
The pattern in a psyche.
It is the stumble in a child's first steps.
The beam of a boy in love.
The ecstasy of dreams come true.
The gentle swoosh of the wind.
Beauty is the days when that swing set took you to the moon.
The smile in a dog's eyes.
The utopia of love conquering all.
The creativity in intelligence.
It is the laughter of a family dinner.
The pleasure of understanding.
The creation of something out of nothing.
The curiosity in anonymity.
Beauty is the things that make me, me.