Saturday, November 28, 2009

Cloud Bursts

The rain was streaming down the windows, hail pounding on the roof, lightning crashing down around me. I was listening to Possibility by Lykke Li, in my moment that had seemed all but real. As I sat in the backseat, I watched the street around me. There's a possibility, boom. Tell me when you hear my heart stop, wind pushes the car. I felt as if the whole world had stopped, reality had paused, just for this moment and life had truly been nirvana as I had known it. I saw the tree's limbs reaching for me, begging me to come outside and play. I opened the car door and stepped out onto my driveway. The music still playing, just a background noise adding to the beauty of the storm. As the voice hummed, I swayed with the wind, letting all go. I will never forget the storm that made me stop and hold life in my arms for just a few minutes. By blood and by me, and I'll follow when you leave -- by blood and by me, I'll follow your lead.