Thursday, January 14, 2010

Passage of Right.

Mary Jane was from suburbia.
In diapers, the regular: teething and playing.
As she grew she asked "Daddy, what's a thong, what's a bong, what's a bomb?"
He shrugged her off, "Go ask your mom."
Later, the questions turned to answers.
The confusion turns her inside out,
points her to the bottle.
It's a society where a little girl inhales long before her first kiss.
But when she meets him, she learns fast.
Touching him here, kissing him there.
He touches her here, hits her there.

She's lost down a hole, Alice's worst nightmare.
Faster pace, a culture of lies and hate.
Where a life begins much sooner than the norm.
But her life is thrown, spiraling swiftly down.
Heading for ground, a new boy grasps her fingers fast
and never lets go.