Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Sepia-toned Loving.

They met young, laughed til the night fell on them.
He was brave and outspoken; she delicate and proper.
But he made his way into her dreams that night.
Intertwining their fingers, soon it all became real.
Through the years, they made their impacts.
He gave her courage, she gave him love.
Waking next to her gave him a gift far more than words could threaten.
So when she did not wake, he cried a little, reminisced a little, then he himself fell asleep; a smile on his lips.
Dreaming with her forever. 

It's not a molded ending, no immediate happiness for the intolerant ones.
But soon enough you'll understand: he was with her, she was with him: what more could they have asked for?